Remote training really works! We are a first-time dog family who adopted our puppy, Journey, the week before the COVID-19 shutdown began. We were thrilled to have our new puppy, but we were also a bit panicked. How would we be able to socialize him?  How would we teach him to be the well-behaved dog we envisioned? Along came The Puppy Project. Through remote training, Dasa has helped us raise a respectful and friendly puppy. Her kind, step-by-step, science-based training methods have taught us how puppies respond to their humans and to their environment.  Thanks to The Puppy Project, Journey is well on his way to being a happy and well-behaved member of the family.

Carly Veseskis, Journey’s human

I’m so grateful that I was introduced to Daša and the Puppy Project. My terrier-mix rescue dog, Eddie, was already 2 years old and had already had an extremely difficult life by the time I got him. He had major trust issues and anxiety. A lot of people said he was hopeless. I refused to give up on him and because of Daša, Eddie is now a happy and thriving dog. She taught me how to understand him and communicate with him. I no longer give him mixed signals and he responds to instruction easily. Eddie is now a proud and happy dog, no longer insecure and anxious. I cannot say enough about how grateful I am to the Puppy Project. Daša has turned both of our lives around.

Fiona Sinclair, Eddie’s human

We didn’t think it was possible to train a puppy virtually – but, with Dasha’s remote-coaching program, we feel as if she is training our puppy in person. Dasha brilliantly uses technology for puppy training – using Zoom, instructional videos, video review, and even an interactive cloud notebook where we can post questions and get answers. Dasha is incredibly responsive, dedicated, and encouraging.  She has answers to every question and is an excellent resource, instructor and coach.

We have a very energetic, spirited puppy, and knew early on that, without professional puppy training, we had the potential for behavior issues. We started our on-line training with Dasha when Cubbie was 9 weeks old. After only two months of Dasha’s help, our puppy is becoming well-behaved and less anxious. Dasha has helped coach us through all sorts of challenges – jumping, biting, barking – and has helped us with crate training and puppy socialization. Clicker training and positive reinforcement of good behavior have worked well in all these areas.

Dasha has been by our side every step of the way in our puppy’s development, providing us with a roadmap to achieve our goal of having a wonderful, well behaved canine member of our family. We feel so lucky to have found Dasha and The Puppy Project. Our experience shows that you can successfully train your puppy with virtual coaching.

Julie and Jim Olivier, Cubbie’s family