Puppy classes

Puppy Preschool

Help your new puppy learn how to live in a human world.

  • Your puppy will learn how to get along with other dogs and people, to enjoy being touched and picked up, and to be calm and bold in the face of new objects and noises. The puppy will also learn how to focus on you, respond to his or her name, come when called, and walk on loose leash.
  • You will learn how to train your puppy gently and efficiently, and how to best help him or her become comfortable with new creatures and environments. We will pay particular attention to housetraining and to solving any problems before they become established.

Puppy Start Right Preschool takes the frustration out of living with a young puppy. Rather than dealing with one crisis after another, you will set up your pup for success and will see daily improvement in his or her understanding and behavior. This class will put your puppy on track to become the happy, friendly, and well-behaved dog you’ve been hoping for.


  • Puppies 7 to 12 weeks old and their people
  • First set of vaccinations, a negative fecal parasite test, and a vet health certificate


  • 3 weekly classes (1 hour each; limited to 4 puppies)
  • 1 30-minute private coaching session in your home
  • 2 books on puppy raising, training, and socialization
  • Puppy training kit (3 clickers, 1 mat)


  • Saturday afternoons.


  • $300